Mini Bluewater Sailing
Dave Chamberlain's little yawl, Mini.  

Mini's California Adventure is now over.  
It was an incredible two month (June 1st
- July 25th, 2013) cruise
which was thrilling and
wonderful.  I'm creating a new page
entitled -"Mini's California Adventure"  
which will expand more of what I posted
on Facebook.  It will take some time to ac-
complish this, so hang in there. :-)
-Dave...August 12, 2013

Short tacking out of Cat Harbor on Catalina
Island then starting on the 90 miles to my home
port of Chula Vista Harbor in San Diego.

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Anchored in Morro Bay.   It was a little chilly outside but I
had a nice little fire going.  It is amazing how big and
comfy the cabin of a little 20' sailboat can feel.  Mini
is my home away from home.  

It has always interested me how tiny a small boat feels
when one first gets onboard.  But within a couple of hours
the boat seems to get bigger and bigger.  What causes

One of the nice and unique advantages of a sit-down 
headroom boat is that when you are sitting in the cabin
you can actually see what is going on outside through the
port windows.  In larger sailboats you have to stand up to look
out the ports.


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